amanda + kevin

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I did say I was going to get caught up with my postings – I went back to March for this one!

Amanda and Kevin are such a fun couple.  They had a small family wedding in Spring Branch.  We really had a great time at their reception.  Really loved the red rose theme.

Amanda was such a beautiful bride.  We did her bridals about a week before her wedding.   It was do or die time – and I don’t know how she did it.  We were all freezing,  teeth chattering, and had on our coats, scarves and gloves.  With 20 degree wind chill temperatures, in her strapless gown and open-toe shoes, there was Amanda – standing in front of a water fountain on an incredibly blustery day.   When you zoom way in on the photos, you can see all the goosebumps.   She was such a trooper – so smile-y through it all!  We’re all STILL talking and laughing about that day!  It’s always fun to have those kinds of stories.  And to still get great results, regardless of the conditions!

Even though we did her formals only a week before the wedding, C. Baron Photography was still able to get the images processed and present the couple with a framed 20×30 image for their reception.  Customer service is extremely important to us – we want to make sure all of our brides are happy, happy, HAPPY!  Until next time….

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