ebonique + jonathan

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OMG!  How long has it been since the last post?!?!?!?!  That long?   Really?  Well, we definitely need to get better at this!  I think to save time I’ll just post everything here and post this link to Facebook!  Should make things move a little smoother!

Oh so much to cover since last year!  C. Baron Photography gets busier and busier everyday, thanks to all of our wonderful clients.  We’re waaaaaaaay past 6 degrees of separation now with our referrals and having a blast working with everyone.  We’re offering new products, too, so don’t forget to ask about them during your next e-mail/text/call/meeting.  So worth it to take your wedding or event up a notch!

Anyway, let’s get down to business here.  What can we say about Ebonique and Jonathan? We had a great time shooting their engagement session downtown.  They are in an elite group as they were one of the first couples to add on the new service.  We can’t WAIT for their wedding – their love of life and of each other will sparkle in our images!  And no, it’s not double vision looking at that night scene of downtown.  That’s Ebonique and Jonathan walking down the street – 2x – and that really IS the skyline behind them – not a backdrop!  Just ask Ebonique and she’ll let you know.  If she’s like me, she had a mosquito or two chew on her while we were out there!  Enjoy!

Favorite type shot - getting ready for the real shot!

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