rebecca + james = MARRIED!

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Okay – kinda liking the whole blog thing – especially like that I can tell you a little bit about the couples in the images.  I know when I go through a folder of wedding pics, I feel like I’m reliving the day all over again – all the joy and happiness just jumps right off my screen!  Of course, it doesn’t hurt that C. Baron captured every single little detail of the day!  🙂

You may remember Rebecca and James’ engagement images from a few months ago – another downtown shoot, with a little bit of nature and a little bit of city life.  These two proudly proclaim that they have never had an argument and I think I believe them!  They are definitely two peas in a pod!  And ZANY – never a dull moment around them, either.  James is a DJ – all you brides out there looking for a good DJ, he’s your man – he’ll have you and your guests up partying and dancing all night long.  I have some video clips of  their wedding at The Tuscany Villa in Katy, Texas of his great dance style – those will have to go on facebook or youtube one of these days!  Seriously, anyone looking for one,  just let me know!  Enjoy the images!

Houston Wedding Photographer

Love taking pics of the dress, especially the little details on it!

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