irene + shazad = MARRIED! Houston South Asian Wedding Photographer

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Hmmmmm….I’ve been pondering for a couple of weeks now how I was going to start this blog.  You see, this was a fantastic wedding, and for us, three consecutive days of shooting.  Just so much to talk about and sooooooo many images!  Over the last several months, the bride and I have become friends, which made the experience even better (and certainly a tremendous bonus – it’s hard to even think of it as work)!  And it all started just because she looked at our Facebook ad (yay social media)!

The first night was Shazad’s Pithi, which starts out as a traditional ceremony.  The female family members participate, wishing the groom luck.  However, at the end, watch out!  All his family and friends start hurling food at him – eggs, syrup, ketchup, mustard – you get the idea.   No one has been able to tell me exactly WHY they do this, but it is a messy, messy, MESSY tradition.  Check out the ketchup, honey and syrup streaming through the air in a couple of the shots!

While the groom is being pelted and smeared with food by his family and friends, the bride is having her own casual get together with her family and friends with plenty of food that you actually eat instead of throw (which was fantastic, by the way)!  There was a henna artist at her party applying her art to all of the women present, even me!   This was just a great evening all the way around.  We were so honored to be asked to photograph this – it was a blast!  We actually filmed the Pithi and put a raw clip of it on YouTube HERE so you can get the full effect!

If you missed it, you can view the couple’s engagement video on YouTube  HERE and complete their story.

The next night was the Mehndi.  Love all the colors, clothes, etc.  So many beautiful women – it was difficult to take a bad picture!  For this event, C. Baron set up a Red Carpet Service for Irene and Shazad’s guests.  It was a huge hit – the guests loved it and enjoyed having their picture taken on the red carpet, then comparing pics with all the other guests (as they received their picture instantly).  All you brides out there, take note – this keeps your guests entertained and most have never seen anything like it.  Mention seeing it on our blog for a discount!

Anyway, back to the images…the Mehndi was another great evening full of food, fun, dancing and much happiness and joy.  We love Shazad’s aunt – she made it a point to get everyone up and dancing.

The third night was the nikah, the ceremony where they are actually married.  Irene and Shazad had a beautiful ceremony and reception at Houston landmark Vargo’s.  It was held in the gazebo outside, amongst the beautiful spring azaleas and gorgeous peacocks.  After the ceremony, the couple left to change into their third and final outfit of their wedding.  Then, the party lasted all night long (at least that’s what I hear). Again, plenty of food, fun, dancing – just an awesome time!

I had the pleasure last night to actually sit with the bride for a couple of hours and go through her images one by one and learn even more about the family, the traditions, etc, just completing this incredible experience for us.  We have never been more honored than to share in this special week with a wonderful couple.  Enjoy the images!

Irene's Reception Sari