anna + scott = MARRIED! – Galveston Wedding Photographer

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Busy, busy, busy…..that’s what C. Baron is these days!  So many weddings and so many fun couples!  Life is good! 

Anna and Scott were married back in March at Bishop’s Palace down in Galveston.   Maybe you remember this bride from their engagement shoot on our Facebook page back in January?  It was pretty chilly down on the beach during their session – and they braved the beach with no shoes.  By the end of the shoot, their feet were purple! 

And their wedding?  It was just fantastic – gorgeous all the way around.  We were honored to photograph their rehearsal and rehearsal dinner the night before, staying in the Tremont before the big day.  I have to say the most fun was the make-ready with the bride.  She was wanting something a little different for her and her girls, so we had them walk down the Strand.  We blocked traffic a bit and put on a show for all the spring breakers on the sidewalks.  It definitely made for some great images! 

This wedding introduced us to a couple new things.  First, that the Bishop’s Palace is now available for events (check it out HERE).  It is an architectural treasure on Galveston Island and made a beautiful backdrop for the wedding.  Second was meeting Anna’s pastor, Ann Spears from First Methodist Houston.  We really enjoyed chatting with her and will be helping her with a special service this Sunday, Mother’s Day – we will be downtown at the church taking photos of women and the special people in their lives for $5 print – 100% of the proceeds to go back to the church for their restoration project.  First Methodist has been around even longer than Bishop’s Palace.   I just love old buildings and learning their stories.

This has to be one of the best parts of this crazy-busy job – one thing just seems to lead to another, meeting all kinds of people and working on all kinds of projects.  It’s great to be able to give back.

I hope you love the Galveston images as much as I do – Enjoy!

Some seriously sexy bridal shoes!

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