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Basketball anyone?  One of our last C. Baron events was Tamisha and Allen’s wedding at the Brazos Center in Bryan/College Station.  What a day!   And even though basketball season is over, there were reminders everywhere!  Our couple seriously LOVES basketball – she’s a high school basketball coach – and they both fight over their favorite teams.  We we were able to shoot their engagement session at her high school.  Gotta love the heels she was wearing during their pick-up game!

Our next session was with the bride to do her formals – Tamisha fought her mom about bridals (she didn’t want to do them), but we’re all glad she did!  Don’t you just love her studio session with the roses?  SO beautiful.  Since seeing the images, she’s glad she did the session, too! 🙂

After our fun journey over the last several months, we finally shot the wedding a few weeks ago.  It was 106 degrees that day!  You’d think by now, we’d all be used to it since every Saturday for the last two months has been that hot!  I don’t know if you ever get used to that kind of heat, though – UGH!  Things were going fine until about midway through the ceremony – during the vows, one of the bridesmaids grabbed Sandra’s arm (CBP photog) and said she was about to pass out!  As Sandra led her behind the curtain, she actually DID pass out.  So glad that we are all know how to handle situations like that and keep our cool.  The bridesmaid was a real trooper – after her release from the hospital (!), she headed back to the reception to support her bride! Now THAT is a friend! 🙂

Fortunately, the guys didn’t have any of these issues.  One of the groomsmen was NBA star Marcus Thornton.  Everyone wanted their photo taken with him!  Fortunately, Tamisha and Allen had incorporated our new RED CARPET SERVICE  into their festivities.  Marcus is a super-nice guy – he posed on the red carpet with everyone that wanted his picture!  With our service, the guests were able to retrieve their personalized print in 30 seconds.  We took lots of pictures of Marcus that night!  And he was smiling in each one!

Be sure to check out all of our new instant print services – they are an awesome addtion to your wedding reception!  We can bundle services, too.  Just fill out the form under the services tab or shoot us an email or text – we’ll be glad to work with you on your special day!

We’ve had a great time with Tamisha and Allen – we wish them all the best in the start of their new life!

Enjoy the images!

Marcus Thornton, Wedding, Houston Wedding Photography, Navasota Wedding Photographer, College Station Engagement session

One of the MANY Red Carpet shots with Marcus Thornton!

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