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♥HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY♥ from C. Baron Photography!  I hope all of our happy couples are having a wonderful day – well, actually, I hope everyone is having a happy day.  ♥

Since we’re wedding photographers, we are asked ALL the time –  by family, friends, acquaintances, strangers, etc. –  if we think a couple is going to stay together.  Really.  ALL the time.  And the answer to that question is usually yes.  We are so fortunate that we work with some of the sweetest, loveliest people on the face of the planet!  Every once in a while, though, we meet couples that you just KNOW are eternal soulmates – that will truly be in love 4 EVER. 

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share the wedding day of one such couple.  Actually, this blog post has been a looooooong time in the making.  I have started it many times in the past, each time stopping because I just couldn’t put into words how much fun, how sweet, how hilarious and how LOVELY this couple actually is.  Meet Lanie and Kevin.  Only Lanie could pull off the most gorgeous DIY details and talk about Chupacabras in her wedding vows!  I just love how sweet Kevin is with Lanie, and that he wasn’t afraid to really, actually DANCE at his wedding 🙂

We had so much fun with them on their journey to their wedding day – we did a gorgeous engagement shoot with them in Old Town Spring – you can check that out HERE.  We also shot their wedding video (check it out HERE)  and provided one of our Swanky Photobooths (you can see that service HERE) on the wedding day.  How many ways can you say FUN? 

It was so hard to just choose a few images to represent all the emotion on that big day – hopefully, these reveal just how wonderful this couple is!  Congratulations, Lanie and Kevin!  We look forward to taking photos of your family for many years to come 🙂

P.S. to Lanie – We STILL laugh about the missing pants!  

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One of my favorite engagement images ever!

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