Destination Wedding Photographer | Snowbird | Elsa

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Has anyone told you to “Let It Go,” but you just can’t? Well, we just simply couldn’t let this one go! I mean, who could? We absolutely adored our very own “Frozen” inspired shoot. I am so in love with this shoot that even my words are frozen. We ventured far and away and created a spectacular kind of magic – just as Queen Elsa did. We can’t believe how gorgeous the landscape was, but it pales in comparison to Elsa. Isn’t she stunning? She truly glowed in her icy element. It was simply unreal to watch “real life” Elsa stroll through the snow with her new Beau. We prepared lovely ice themed place settings. They enjoyed the gorgeous cupcakes inspired by Elsa’s ice castle and the perfect pop of bubbly.  Olaf himself even made an appearance. As the sun went down the temperatures did too, but the cold never bothered us anyway. Before we knew it, it was time to allow Elsa to return to Arendelle.  We couldn’t believe the magic we experienced and hope you love it as much as we do!

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