Houston Wedding Photographer | Moffitt Oaks | Southern Winter Wedding

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In Houston, we don’t get the typical snow filled winters that you see in other states. Not that it doesn’t ever happen,  but not every day. However, I think winter is just as beautiful as any other season. There is something about the bare trees and crisp air that takes my breath away.  Therefore, it makes just as much sense to imagine a wedding day during winter. We photographed such a day at Moffitt Oaks and it was so perfectly put together and absolutely lovely. We loved the blush and serenity blue. They created such a gorgeous combination that we never saw coming!


Photography:  C. Baron Photography |  Videography: C. Baron Photography

Coordinating: Polished Wedding Planning | Gown and Accessories: Something BLUE

Tablewear and Linens: Bravo Events | Florals: Cornelius Florist NW

Venue: Moffit Oaks | Makeup and Hair: Lisa Pelayo Makeup and Beauty

Cake: Edible Moments 

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