Houston Bridal Photographer | Horse Stables | Stephanie’s Bridals

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We absolutely love getting to know our Bride’s. We are lucky enough to have the kindest, sweetest and the funniest Brides! Seriously, these ladies are amazing! We really love when they incorporate their passion into their wedding day. We love getting to see that side of them and be able to photograph them doing what they love most. Fortunately for us, Stephanie has loved horses since she was a young girl. Much to our delight, she chose to have her Bridal Session where we could involve her Horse! Stephanie looked so stunning in her gown and we loved the way her face lit up when she was around the horses. We had so much fun capturing these unforgettable portraits of her. We can’t wait to share her wedding day with you! We can assure you it was just as wonderful!

Photographer: C. Baron Photography | Location: Girl Scouts

HMU: Salons at the Lake | Planner: Event Smith

Gown: Bella Sposa Bridal Boutique | Designer: Essense of Australia

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